Procedure For Selection & Recruitment

Employer provides the following documents to proceed the case
l. Power of Attorney
ll. Demand Letter
iii. Letter to Consulate.
iv. Electronic Attorney / Electronic Payment Receipt
v. Visa Slip
The document should be duly attested by Chamber of Commerce Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Pakistan Embassy of the host country. After receipt of said Visa documents, we get necessary permission from the labour department Government of Pakistan. The demanded/requested vacancies are advertised in the national news papers duly mentioning the prerequisites and selection criteria of the post (qualifications, trade, experience etc).

If the principal or his representative intend to visits our office and conduct interview trade test we provide scrutinized manpower for final by our selection and then any other assistance required in this regard. If we are assigned the recruitments responsibility then interview/trade
test of the required posts and finalize their selection. After selection every candidate is examined through approved medical center and medical fitness report is issued to only medical cleared candidates. For each selected candidate a service contract is made which is counter signed by the protectorate of immigrants, Government of Pakistan & their copies are provided to:
I) Governments Of Pakistan (Under rules)
ii) The original contract is for the employer
iii) Copy for employee.
In some countries the work visa is sanctioned by name only in such case the visa formalities are initiated after the receipt of visa paper.
we can start visa processing initiated after receiving letter from the employer.